What Are Essential Oils?

If you are starting out in the EO world, the information can be overwhelming. Or maybe you have already been using them but want to know more.

You don't have to learn it all, know it all or digest it all before you dive in and start essential oils. That's what I am here for!

Here are a few key things to note about EOs to get you started:

EOs are natural.

That's right - they are natural and come from lots of different plant parts, depending on the plant.

Parts like the stem, bark, root, flower and seeds.

EOs are volatile.

Ooh, big word right? This just means they can quickly change form a liquid or solid state to a gas at room temperature. That's why when you open a bottle of essential oil its fragrance immediately hits you and others in the room.

EOs have been used for a LONG time.

And almost by every civilization in history - Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabians, Chinese - yep all of them. They were used for things like embalming, religious ceremonies, cosmetics and medicine. From the dark ages to the renaissance and into the modern ages, millions of people have embraced the benefits of essential oils.

So now you are REALLY intrigued, right? It's time to start your collection of EOs, but where to begin? I'm here to help, friend. Click here to find out which essential oils you should get first.