The Best Ingredients for an Epic Cheeseboard

Published January 1st, 2020 by Micha

Cheeseboards are an easy way to share snacks with guests, and you can add just about anything to it. From cheese and fruit, to nuts and honey, the options are nearly endless - making it the easiest entertaining addition. You can mix up cheeses, including cow's and sheep's milk, or stick to just one type - it's totally up to you!

My favorite addition to a cheeseboard is honeycomb from Pure Southern Honey. It comes straight from the hive, pairs perfectly with salty, crumbly, buttery cheeses and elevates the board into something truly special. Here's a brief introduction to my favorite cheeseboard ingredients. 

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So on to the cheeseboard!

I prefer pairing cheeses, fruits, spreads, crackers and bread that all pair well with each other, usually adding three cheeses to the board to give your guests plenty of options. Here are the three cheeses I chose for this board:

Jarlsberg - The buttery flavor of this cheese is so rich and delicious, making it not only perfect for a cheeseboard but also for snacking and cooking with. Plus, the buttery, rich flavor pairs perfectly with the honeycomb.

Reypenaer VSOP - This cheese is made in a small factory and aged for 2 years, producing a bold flavor with notes of caramel and chocolate and a surprising mineral type texture. Of course, caramel and chocolate pair great with honeycomb! I always recommend adding a bold cheese to the board, like this VSOP, to make your guests perk up and try something new.

Beecher's Flagship - Handcrafted in Seatle, this semi-hard cheese is nutty, salty and a little crumbly, similar to a Parmesan cheese. It's a good cheese to introduce to guests, because of it's similar flavor, but adds an element of surprise. The saltiness is a great contrast to the rich, sweetness of the honeycomb.


You have to have crackers, fruit, etc., too! I love adding green apples to the cheeseboard, for a tart, crisp element. Other great additions include slices of a baguette, water crackers, pecans, walnuts, apricot jam, green and black olives, grapes, strawberries and tapenade. Don't think too hard on the extras, just toss on whatever you have on hand. I have been known to even add pretzels and goldfish crackers! 

There it is - an easy and awesome snack idea when entertaining guests. The bottom line is you can use whatever cheeses and extras you want - there are no rules and no limits. The most fun is just diving in with your family and friends to pair the cheeses and extras together while having a great time.

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