Does it REALLY Matter?

Published May 23rd, 2017 by Mikew

You get what you pay for.

Quality counts.

Size matters.

Wait, what?

Ok, scratch that last one. But you have heard people say these things all the time, right?

When I first started out using essential oils, I didn’t care about the brand or quality – all I saw was the price tag.

$100 for a small bottle of frankincense?!?!? How much is it for lavender??!?!

I steered clear of the higher priced essential oil brands and stuck with what I could find at local retail stores or on amazon, purchasing from somewhat sketchy sources.

I wasn’t drinking it – so it didn’t matter, right? That is what my mindset was.

With essential oils - quality DOES matter!

After a while, and as I learned more about essential oils, I came to understand that quality is important. You can certainly continue buying lower priced essential oils that you use in your diffuser, don’t let me stop you. But you are going to be missing out on a lot!

Confession time - I still have several bottles of lower quality essential oils that I use and will continue to use until they are empty. I don’t want anything to go to waste! However, as they dry up, I replace them with high-quality essential oils I know and trust.

Here are MY reasons why should buy quality essential oils

  • They harvest the plant at the exact right time. This means you get the most potent and effective oil possible.
  • They are less likely to use chemicals – whether its pesticides or chemicals in the soil to grow the plants.
  • Better, more potent aroma. You use less oil.
  • Responsible farming. This means working with the famers to grow and harvest the plants and leave the earth better than they found it, while educating and training the farmers.
  • Pure oils, free from contaminants. Undiluted.
  • Batch testing to ensure you are getting the best, highest quality oil in each bottle.

Essential oils can be applied topically and some can be ingested (do your research – not all can be taken internally!), but you should only do this with the highest quality oils. Lower quality, cheaper oils may have additives which could be harmful.

My advice to you – if you are going to incorporate essential oils into your life, invest in quality essential oils from reputable companies. You may find the cheaper oils are easier on your wallet, for now, but you will find that you use them faster and will be replacing them more frequently.

I am speaking from first-hand experience of buying two HUGE bottles of lemon oil within a three-month period. I mean, who does that?!??! Now that I have switched to a quality essential oil, I use a quarter of the amount so the price just about breaks even.

Lord knows I still go through essential oils like they are water. 

So, if you are in need of a refill or maybe you want to know which quality essential oils I use, click here or contact me. I can hook you up and am happy to share my source!

See ya around!

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