A Work from Home Mom

Living with an Essential Oil Obsession

My EO Story

Two years ago, after having my second boy, my sister in law was talking to me about essential oils. She was talking about how she used them to help calm down the kids and help one of them with a stubbed toe. I couldn't believe that something not prescribed by a doctor or bought in the medicine aisle. All natural?!?!?

I am all about trying these, especially if they smell good, are natural and they work. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to get my own. I must preface this story by saying that although I love natural things I by no means practice an all-natural lifestyle. I love fast food, wine and Twizzlers but I do like to avoid chemicals and unnecessary medicine whenever possible.

I got started with a kit of three roller blends to help with sleep, stress and energy. One swipe of the sleep blend that first night and I was OUT! From there, I couldn't get enough of essential oils; snatching up every essential oil and carrier oil I could find. It didn't matter what brand - of I didn't already have it, it was quickly added to my collection. I didn't spend too much time worrying about the label and was turned off by the more expensive brands, even though deep down I knew they were of a better quality. I was just diving in becoming obsessed.

At first, my husband thought I was crazy. Every ailment or condition he mentioned I had an essential oil for it. Every spare plastic bottle was used to make a couch cleaner, odor killer, counter top cleaner. It took a while for my husband to understand what essential oils are about and to get on the believer bus. Now we use them every day and love incorporating them into our life, choosing them over chemicals and medicine and artificial smells.

The more I got into essential oils the more I understood that quality and reading the label are important. Knowing that the oils are distracted from reputable sources and that your oil is pure without any additives is crucial to them doing their job. I was horrified to turn around a bottle of a cheaper oil from a big box store to see that didn't contain just chamomile oil! Gasp!

Essential oils from reputable sources like this one, can be used internally, too. I love using fruit EOs in my water bottle for a hint of flavor and added benefits like suppressing my appetite or boosting my immune system.

If you haven't already deduced from my story...or website...or social media channels...I am obsessed. If you are equally (or more) obsessed let me know! If you are just starting out - let me know what questions you have.

Maybe it's how to use a particular oil, what containers are best to use, or the best diffuser. I'll let you know or work it into a Blog or Facebook Live.

More About Me

For more than a decade, I have held down a 9 to 5 job. Things were great, I advanced and learned many nuggets about business, self-awareness, time management, determination and the now trendy phrase, “work – life balance.” *gag*

After getting married to a fellow 110%er and having two blonde hair, blue eyed boys, things started to get a little bit more complicated. Coordinating schedules, kid pick-up and holding down the house became damn near impossible. I knew something had to change, but didn’t know what, how or when. My hubs and I, needing stability in life, were freaking out.

With the support of my husband (go Ryan!) and a lot of prayers and pep talks, I took the leap into the black hole – known as freelance and contract work. Filling my time with work came pretty easy – as I used the knowledge I gathered over the last decade, flexed my well-toned skills and, well…worked my ass off. And here I am!

It hit me one afternoon while working on a client’s e-mail marketing campaign, that I should combine all of my skills and, what some people would call, obsession with essential oils. EUREKA! My creative energy is flowing strong now, I am hyped to share it all with you and ready spark some EO convos.

Since my transition from office job to a “work for myself” one, people ask me what I do.

My response had been an awkward, half-smile, “whatever I want.” That doesn’t mean I can lounge around watching Real Housewives in my slippers all day (I do that once the kids are in bed, duh). Don’t get me wrong, I still need to work, but it’s on my terms – I pick what excites me and who I like to work with.

Now, instead of responding awkwardly, I respond proudly.

“I do whatever I want.”